Three New RBR Releases!


Right Brain Records is thrilled to present three new albums of mind-altering music by accomplished artists who’ve devoted recent decades to bending genres and creating fully original sounds. Each of these records is available by digital download.

Here’s a quick intro:

Lotus Lungs GISv1 cover-1400.png

Lotus Lungs, Guitar Improv Summit Vol.1

This is a dynamic trio of three accomplished Seattle guitarists, Bill Horist, Matt Benham and Tom Scully. The first RBR Guitar Improv Summit is a freewheeling set of improvised pieces, electric, acoustic and experimental. Arguably the most diverse instrumental guitar album ever recorded, Vol.1 must be heard to be believed.

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DH FoundSound cover final-1400.png

Dodd-Hoskins, Found Sound

Vickie Dodd is a renowned sound healing practitioner. She intuitively draws inspiration from the people and environment around her and expresses this using her voice as a four-octave instrument. James Hoskins is an accomplished cellist without boundaries. His career has spanned classical, jazz, Eastern European, ambient and free improvisation. Between them they’ve released more that a dozen albums, but Found Sound is their first as a duo. A sequence of eight spontaneously realized tracks, Dodd-Hoskins creates an organic yet otherworldly sound like no other.

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Slaughtrhaus, Inverted Ziggurat

Through a maze of oscillators, filters, envelope generators and patch cords, Slaughtrhaus uses modular synth wizardry to create lush electronic grooves. Prolific on the web, via live-streaming TV and bands such as StellarStellar, Inverted Ziggurat is the first formal Slaughtrhaus album. It’s well worth the wait. Witness the way rich textures develop and flow patiently through this set, a satisfying and accessible debut.

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