Sean Bartley, a.k.a. Slaughtrhaus, began playing music in the 1990's North Florida post-rock scene in projects like The Nth Degree, The Rayburns, and King of Spain, and entered the world of electronics around the turn of the century. Moving across the country to Portland, Oregon in 1999 helped open up the music to new possibilities. Currently Slaughtrhaus is a member of electronic space rock band Think Airbag, psychedelic/dub group StellarStellar, and maintains a prolific web presence as a solo artist. 

Experimenting with synthesizers began as an exploration of generating new and different timbres. Inverted Ziggurat, the first Slaughtrhaus album, is a snapshot of a moment in that journey, an improvised cruise through a maze of sound and textures, and an invitation into deep synthetic space.

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Twitter: @slaughtrhaus

Discord: slaughtrhaus#4793