is a collective of four Seattle-based improvisers of diverse backgrounds and influences. The interactive work of three soloists defines Spontanea'a music: Guitar innovator Matt Benham employs a custom array of effects to stretch the sonic borders of his instrument. (See/hear his solo album.) Carol J Levin plays an electrified harp, producing a span unique to that instrument’s pedigree. Kenny Mandell, an award-winning jazz performer and educator, uses reeds, woodwinds and percussion in myriad ways. Scott Schaffer adds strings to the mix and facilitated the recording process.

Together, Spontanea is more an improvising framework than a band. The group recorded its first album, Flow, in two 2018 sessions, conceiving the music (spoiler alert) spontaneously. Flow is a freewheeling tapestry of quartets, trios, duets and solos linked together in a single narrative.

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“If you’re inclined to absorb and appreciate the acoustic free form ESP record catalog from the mid-1960's and the soundscapes of experimental ambient music (Fripp and Eno, Eluvium, Steve Roach), then Spontanea’s Flow is a masterful sonic voyages to embrace.” -Mike Moss, B2K & Beyond Festival

“The first release from the new label Right Brain Records is a warm accumulation of budding grooves, like sleeping next to someone new and taking so much pleasure in the experience that every new fold on the sheets appears exquisite.”  -Andrew Choate, The Unwrinkled Ear

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