Right Brain Records: Improvised Music 2.0

There was a time, not long ago, when music was at the center of a revolution. Way more than the soundtrack for a turbulent time, it expressed the utopian vision of peace, freedom and enlightenment that characterized the 1960s and early 70s. Did the music merely reflect that state of mind, or was it a source? Maybe both.

For a while musicians were rewarded for experimenting, exploring new ideas and breaking rules. The rules were part of an establishment that had lost credibility. People wanted more, and music was a path to a new and better place. This spirit invaded rock, pop, jazz, folk and new waves of electronic and improvised music that found open-minded audiences. 

Photo by  Mohdammed Ali  on  Unsplash

Fast forward, and what’s happened to that vision? The revolution more or less fizzled. Commercialism took over. While new avenues for independent promotion opened, musicians were devalued. Music is everywhere around us, but it's more a cultural prop reinforcing comfort, nostalgia, and consumption. The sixties revolution has itself become a marketed commodity, this time with no risk to participants and no transformation from the experience. 

In this world the incentives for real creativity are subtle. But they do exist. Musicians have the power to bust the boxes made for them, and many are ready to do it. 

That’s why Right Brain Records is here. Our mission is to rekindle the spirit of musical revolution: This is a channel for creative musicians to explore and for adventurous listeners to discover. 

Welcome to our site. We’re starting out with several new albums by artists with deep musical backgrounds and commitment to cultivating new ground. I hope you’ll listen in, follow developments and stay involved as this journey unfolds…